23 October 2019

2019 World Cup Regulations

In the previous post, 2019 World Cup Players, I wrote,
It seems that the regulations for the 2019 World Cup were considerably changed from the regulations for the 2017 World Cup, probably due to the change of FIDE management a year ago. I have to spend some time reviewing the changes before I can add a legend to the 2019 page.

The changes were not more extensive than I had expected, so I had no trouble adding the regulations to my page 2019 World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk. Since I still had some time left after doing this, I started the process of adding a crosstable to my page for the 2019 Grand Swiss, Isle of Man, which finished this week. While preparing the PGN, I counted 154 players and 841 games.

The crosstables for Swiss system tournaments are generally trickier than for round robins or matches. I identified eight players who didn't complete the full 11 rounds and it will take some additional effort to see that they are documented correctly.

One question I haven't answered is how to update the Index of Players. I imagine that many players who participated in the Grand Swiss will never play in another World Championship event. Is it worthwhile adding their names to the index? I'll have to count the number of new players before I decide how to proceed.

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