06 November 2019

2019 Grand Swiss Players

In last week's post, 2019 Grand Swiss Results, I wondered if I should add the names of all players participating in a World Championship event for the first time to my Index of Players:-
A preliminary count gave 38 new players, or about 25% of the 154 players who participated. This compares to the 30% (38/128) that I counted a few weeks ago in 2019 World Cup Players. That statistic gives me a green light to add all of the new players to the index.

After adding links to 2019 Grand Swiss, Isle of Man for the 154 participants, I queried the index and found that 113 names had already been on the index, while 41 names were new. That number differed from the preliminary count by more than it should, but I decided to leave it at that. More interesting was a trio of possible discrepancies I noted while updating the index.

Jansa V, '1985-87 Izt' and '2019 Gr.Sw.' • Was this the same player in two events separated by more than 30 years? I found an answer in the Chess.com article by Peter Doggers that I mentioned in the 'Grand Swiss Results' post. Here's an extract from that article:-

FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss Preview

On top of setting the record straight for GM Vlastimil Jansa, that clipping will be useful if I ever document the qualification paths for the Grand Swiss.

Allan K, '1988-90 Izt'; and Allen K, '2019 Gr.Sw.' • In fact, that first reference should have been 'Allan D' for Denis Allan of Canada. I'll correct the two pages -- Interzonal (plus PGN) & Index -- as soon as I can. The second reference is Keith Allen, an organizer for the series of Isle of Man tournaments.

Vovk Y, '2015 WCup'; and Vovk A, '2019 Gr.Sw.' • The first player is Yuri Vovk of the Ukraine. The second player is his younger brother Andrey Vovk.

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