22 April 2020

2019-20 WGP, Lausanne

In my first post on the 2019-20 Women's Grand Prix (WGP; December 2019; 'second event in that Grand Prix, held in Monaco'), I wrote,
The FIDE handbook still points to the document for the previous cycle, which does not mention a FIDE Women Candidates Tournament. [...] The third leg of the Women's Grand Prix will take place at Lausanne in March 2020. Will the necessary documentation be available by then?

Short answer: No, the necessary documentation is still not available, nor is there any sign of activity. • Long answer: The handbook entries for 'FIDE Individual World Championship Cycles' have since been reorganized. The chapter titled 'Regulations for the Women's World Chess Championship Cycle' has been removed, but chapters for the 'Women's World Cup' and the 'Women’s Grand Prix Series 2019-2020' have been retained. The chapter 'Regulations for the FIDE Women's World Championship Match 2020' is the document used for the 2020 Ju Wenjun - Goryachkina Title Match. No new Women's documents have been added.

I gathered and saved the files necessary to document the Lausanne Grand Prix. I'll continue to hold off creating a page for the current Grand Prix until FIDE formally documents the entire cycle.

The page for the Women’s FIDE Grand Prix Series currently says that the fourth and last leg of the WGP will be held at 'Sardinia 02.05.20 – 15.05.20'. That starts at the end of next week. I couldn't find any mention of the event's cancellation or postponement. Is FIDE setting itself up for another fiasco like Yekaterinburg Candidates - Second Week?

There was no second week. Shortly after I finished the 'First Week' post, FIDE announced, FIDE stops the Candidates Tournament (fide.com; 26 March 2020).

At this point, nothing would surprise me.

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