05 August 2020

FIDE Newsletters Revisited

Since my first post on FIDE Newsletters (May 2020), the world federation has published another six numbers. Unlike many newsletters, the FIDE version is relevant and interesting. Three sections in particular caught my attention. The first two had news about the FIDE Council.
Subject: Newsletter #006
Sent: May 25, 2020

First online meeting of the FIDE Council

The first meeting of the newly established FIDE Council was held online on May 12. For the first time, both Women's World Champion Ju Wenjun and World Champion Magnus Carlsen (represented by his father Henrik) participated in the meeting.

One of the main topics was the approval of the revised FIDE budget for 2020 as proposed by the Management Board, having been adjusted to the new situation. The Council also officially approved the shifting of the 2020 Chess Olympiad to the next year, 2021, keeping the same locations in Russia and within the same time frame, as it had been already announced on March 24th, 2020.

The Council was informed that FIDE received a bid for the 2024 Olympiad from the Hungarian Chess Federation. The documents included detailed information about the plans and initial preparations, while formal inspections will be conducted as soon as the situation allows. Likewise, the Argentinian Chess Federation provided FIDE with a letter of intent to bid for the Olympiad, with a promise to present the whole package with official guarantees by September 2020.

The possibility of organizing an online 2020 General Assembly was also discussed by the Council. To be prepared for such eventuality, Mr. Roberto Rivello, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission, was assigned with the task of developing a plan to implement electronic voting.

The Council approved the creation of the Athletes’ Commission, as well as the liquidation of the Online Commission under the condition that a clear operational framework is established in order to manage and support all FIDE online activities. The Council acknowledged the decisions by the President to appoint the new Chairs for the Planning and Development Commission and the Social Commission.

A complete list of decisions and topics discussed during the meeting is available at the FIDE website.

The group's second online meeting continued to tackle the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Subject: Newsletter #009
Sent: July 6, 2020

Main decisions of the FIDE Council meeting

As it is the norm now, the 2nd quarter FIDE Council Meeting was held online, on 23 June 2020. In fact, one of the first and main decisions to be approved during the meeting was the confirmation that the FIDE General Assembly, scheduled for the end of November 2020, will also be held online. This possibility had already been discussed in the previous FIDE Council meeting, on May 12. Back then, Mr. Roberto Rivello, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission, was asked to put together a contingency plan to implement electronic voting.

Among the main decisions were the final approval of the dates for the 2020 Online Olympiad, and to give a green light to some other new online competitions: a top event for juniors, cadet, and seniors, and a World Bullet Chess Championship.

On the other hand, it was approved that all the remaining 2020 competitions under the control of the Events Commission are postponed to 2021 (except World Amateur 2020); all the EVE competitions for 2021 are moved to 2022; and the bidding procedure of 2023 events will be done in 2021. Please note that these postponements do not affect the World Cup 2021 or the Grand Prix, since these events are not supervised by the EVE Commission.

The Council plans to make a final decision on the dates and location of the second part of the FIDE Candidates tournament 2020 during July 2020. Resuming the competition in a host country other than Russia is one of the possibilities that is being explored.

Regarding the World Championship match, the plan is still to hold it in Dubai in connection with the World Expo, with two possible dates: in spring, as a prelude to the Expo, or in autumn, during the first weeks of the World Expo. FIDE will continue monitoring the situation and considering the pros and cons of both scenarios.

A delicate point is the situation affecting the All India Chess Federation, where two factions claim to be the legitimate representatives of Indian chess – both of them backed by different governmental authorities. The FIDE President offered to mediate and received the approval of the Council to arrange a conference call with both parties, trying to establish an agreement that would allow AICF to function until the situation is clarified.

A complete list of decisions and topics discussed during the meeting is available at the FIDE website.

Those mentions of decisions and topics in the last paragraphs refer to the following news items:-

The third section that interested me was part of a newsletter mostly about 'International Chess Day'.

Subject: Newsletter #010
Sent: July 21, 2020


On this day in 1924, FIDE was born in Paris. This is hardly news to any chess lover, since the echoes of our birthday celebrations still resound on social media. But, where exactly was our Federation born, and who were its parents? [...]

For the rest of the story, including the names of 'the 15 founding signatories', see the archive of all issues, FIDE Newsletter (fide.com).

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