02 September 2020

Women's Events 1927-39 : Players

In last week's post, Women's World Championship Stalwarts (August 2020), I looked at my World Chess Championship : Index of Women Players, and noticed,
None of the pre-WWII events won by Vera Menchik are included in the counts.

The pre-WWII women's events are all on the same 'World Chess Championship (Women)' page: 1927-39 Title Tournaments. To get started, I built a table showing 'Which players participated in which events' and added it to the 1927-39 page. I counted nine events and 55 players on the page, across which there are a few items for further investigation:-

1 Andersson
1 Andersson,A.
1 Andersson,I.

1 Hermanowa
1 Hermanova

1 Larsen
1 Larsen,I.

9 Menchik,V.
2 Menchik,O.

1 Nakkerud
1 Nakkerund

Also, from the same page: 'Notes for the 1939 Buenos Aires PGN: [...] And Kazic gives Janecek instead of B. Janeckova'

The mention of the Menchiks is not to flag a discrepancy, but to find out more about the less known Menchik. I'll look at the discrepancies in another post.

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