28 April 2021

Yekaterinburg Candidates - Fourth Week

After waiting more than a year for the continuation of the 2020 Candidates Tournament, Yekaterinburg, the whole affair was over in a little over a week. Unfortunately for me, after last week's post Yekaterinburg Candidates - Third Week (April 2021), I didn't find the time to watch a single minute of the action. To compensate, I collected the following links from two of the most respected chess news sources.

Rd. Chess.com Chessbase.com
R08 Well-Prepared Caruana Moves Up As MVL Stumbles In Endgame Caruana impresses, wins marathon [with links to rds.1-7]
R09 Giri Strikes, Moves Into Second-Place Tie? Giri wins, climbs to shared second place
R10 Nepomniachtchi Wins Quickly, Increases Lead Nepomniachtchi widens the gap
R11 Giri Approaches Nepomniachtchi, MVL Stumbles Giri in sole second place after brilliant win
R12 Four Winners, Nepomniachtchi Maintains Lead Nepo wins to keep the lead as Giri beats Caruana
R13 Nepomniachtchi Wins FIDE Candidates Tournamen1 day Nepomniachtchi to challenge Carlsen for the World Championship title
R14 Three Winners In Final Round, Wang Hao Announces Retirement Ding, MVL and Alekseenko finish on a high note

Congratulations to GM Nepomniachtchi on a well deserved victory. Another article on Chess.com, published just before the second half of the tournament started, is worth noting: FIDE Candidates: Karjakin Names Nepomniachtchi As Most Difficult Opponent For Carlsen (Peter Doggers). Over the next few weeks, I'll add the finishing touches to my own online record of the event.

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