17 August 2022

Dvorkovich Gets Four More Years

Four years ago Arkady Dvorkovich defeated Georgios Makropoulos in the 2018 FIDE election. I documented the transition in two posts:-

This year let's follow the FIDE election through the eyes and ears of Chess.com's Peter Doggers

That last link summarized a video.

ACP Round Table Discussion : The Next 4 Years - The Future for Chess and FIDE (1:34:46) • '[Published on] Jul 21, 2022'

The description informed.

In view of the FIDE Presidential Election (7 August 2022, at the FIDE General Assembly in Chennai, India), the Association of Chess Professionals hosted a round table discussion. [...] The discussion was hosted by WGM Maria Gevorgyan and Mr. Yuri Garrett, ACP Deputy President.

The results were unexpectedly lopsided. Peter Doggers reported,

The report started,

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich was re-elected for a second term in the presidential elections during the FIDE Congress in Chennai, India, on Sunday. He received 157 of the votes. The only other remaining candidate, Andrii Baryshpolets, received 16 votes.

Shortly before the voting started, GM Bachar Kouatly withdrew his candidacy citing a lack of support from the delegates. Inalbek Cheripov, the fourth candidate, had withdrawn a few days earlier.

Candidates often withdraw from FIDE elections shortly before the elections are held. Why that is, I've never understood.

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