29 August 2007

2007 Mexico WCC Player Records

Tournaments like the forthcoming FIDE World Championship in Mexico City are rare events. How have the eight players fared against each other in the past? To answer that question, I spent a few minutes to create the following table.

Aronian xx******
Gelfand   xx*****
Grischuk   xx****
Kramnik    xx***
Leko     xx**
Morozevich      xx*
Svidler       xx

The players' names link to the corresponding FIDE Card. The asterisks ('*') in the crosstable link to the games played by each pair of players as recorded at Chessgames.com.

Once the event is over, the Chessgames.com links will continue to show current results.

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Dr. Beco said...

Really nice job! If you can read portuguese, maybe you can take a look at this "wiki" (collaborative) site:
There are news and lots of information and good links about the WCC-2007.