22 August 2007

Insider Interviews

Here are interviews with three Mexico City insiders: Aronian, Hensel (Kramnik and Leko's manager), and Anand; and with two principals of Global Chess BV: Kok and Borg.
  • Aronian: the world championship should be decided in a match • 'Levon Aronian is one of the hot favourites for the world championship in Mexico City this September. What does he think of his chances, what does he think about the format? In an article in the German broadsheet Neues Deutschland, born in Armenian and now living in Berlin, speaks about these and other subjects relating to the inclusion of Veselin Topalov in the FIDE cycle.' [9 July 2007; Chessbase.com]

  • Carsten Hensel on Kramnik and the World Championship cycle • 'After his victory in Dortmund world champion Vladimir Kramnik came to Hamburg for a few days, to record his first DVD with ChessBase. With him was his manager Carsten Hensel, who also looks after the interests of Hungarian chess star Peter Leko. During the recording sessions with Kramnik there was ample time to talk to Carsten and get his take on the situation in world chess.'[11 July 2007; Chessbase.com]

  • Chess soon to be a million dollar business?; Interview with Dutch businessman Bessel Kok • 'Recently FIDE founded a commercial branch called Global Chess BV. Based in Amsterdam and run by Dutch businessman Bessel Kok this company, equippted with a seed capital of $4.5 million, is set to take over the marketing of major FIDE events, especially future World Chess Championships.' [5 August 2007; Chessbase.com]

  • FIDE Vice President and CEO of Global Chess BV Geoffrey Borg's interview • 'During the official visit to Turkey, the FIDE Vice President and the CEO of Global Chess BV Mr. Geoffrey Borg gave an interview to the Press Officer of the Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ozgur Akman. Mr. Borg speaks about chess, FIDE and Global Chess VB and how he sees the future developments of chess in the sphere of marketing and promotional activities.' [8 August 2007; FIDE.com]

  • Anand criticizes the World Chess Federation • 'In an interview with a German newspaper on Tuesday the world's number one ranking chessplayer has criticised the world chess federation for haphazardly breaking and changing its own rules. Usually to favour Kramnik or Topalov, who get extra chances at the title. "At some stage you become sick of all this and decide to just play chess," says Anand bitterly.' [16 August 2007; Chessbase.com]

Borg: 'One of the principles for Global Chess is that to be successful we must have a credible, reliable and stable world championship cycle. The main difference that was introduced in Tallinn [FIDE Presidential Board, June 2007] is a six year plan, a very good principle, where we are looking forward to have a balance between the World Cup, which is the knockout tournament and an introduction of a tournament series which will give top players, selected on certain criteria, an opportunity to play in a Grand Prix system. We can also involve several continents and try to ensure that tournaments are held not just in one continent.'

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