28 November 2007

2007-Q4 Maintenance

Following up my last post on Regulations for the 2008-2009 FIDE Grand Prix, I added bullets for the 2009-10 cycle to my World Chess Championship Index Page. • Re timing for the Grand Prix, FIDE issued the call for bids in November 2007 with a deadline of January 2008. Considering how many previous calls have ended up without bids, it's reasonable to assume that FIDE already has most of the six cities lined up.

I fixed the link to the official site for the 2007 World Cup, which is taking place now. The old link produced a 404 error message. It appears that the site responsibles changed the page name just before the event started. It would seem common sense to redirect the old page to the new page, but it wasn't done.

I also fixed a few minor errors in the lower level pages. One change was a correction to a player's name in FIDE's first World Women's Championship. Searching on the error located a page that had copied all of my crosstables -- I campionati del mondo femminile -- with no sign of attribution or thanks.

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