14 November 2007

Qualifiers for Khanty-Mansiysk 2007

For players qualified into the 2007 World Cup, starting later this month at Khanty-Mansiysk, the following table summarizes how they qualified. It was derived from FIDE's List of Qualifiers for the World Cup 2007, dated 18 October 2007. The left column shows the number of players who qualified via the path listed in the right column. The numbering for Continental Championships (1.0, 2.0, etc.) is my own, not FIDE's.

161.0 European Championship 2006
291.0 European Championship 2007
72.0 American Continental
52.1 Zonal
12.2 Zonal
22.3 Zonal
22.4 Zonal
22.5 Zonal
103.0 Asian Continental
13.1 Zonal
13.2 Zonal
23.3 Zonal
23.4 Zonal
23.5 Zonal
13.6 Zonal
64.0 African Continental
5FIDE President
4Organising Committee
3World Championship Tournament 2007
1World Junior Champion 2006
1World Women's Champion 2006

The list will be used to fill in the gaps on my list of World Chess Championship Zonals.

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