13 March 2013

2013 World Championship Events

With the 2013 London Candidates tournament scheduled to start in a few days, I brought my page 2013 Candidates Event up to date, along with a link to the official site, london2013.fide.com. After that, I added a new page for the 2013 World Cup, scheduled to start in August.

The next World Championship match is still on the FIDE calendar for November 2013. That means there will be a little more than six months to organize the match after the Candidates tournament has determined Anand's challenger.

Following up last week's post, A House Divided, Silvio Danailov, President of the European Chess Union (ECU), tweeted on 11 March, '[Grand] Prix in Lisbon also cancelled. AGON(Y) is about to finish'. The event is on the FIDE calendar with a 17 April start date.

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