27 March 2013

London Candidates - Second Week

Today, round 10 of the 2013 Candidates Tournament is taking place. In my previous post, London Candidates - First Week, I listed British web sources. Now I'll list international sources, including live videos -- commentary and press conference -- from the playing site.

Rd. Live Chessbase Chessvibes
R0   Opening CeremonyPairings and commentary schedule PredictionsOfficially opened by Ilyumzhinov
R1 Video All games drawn Tournament starts peacefully: four draws
R2 Video Radjabov, Aronian draw first blood Aronian and Radjabov first winners
R3 Video Three decisive gamesExpert commentary Aronian sole leader after exciting round
R4 Video Carlsen joins Aronian in the lead Carlsen catches Aronian in first place
R5 Video All four games drawnPostmortem Four fighting draws
R6 Video Carlsen, Aronian win, leadPostmortem Aronian & Carlsen increase lead
R7 Video Mercy was the constant Four draws, Aronian & Carlsen maintain lead
R8 Video Kramnik, Gelfand, Grischuk winPostmortems Aronian & Carlsen still tied, Kramnik a point behind
R9 Video Carlsen survives, Aronian losesPostmortems Carlsen in sole lead as Aronian loses to Gelfand
R10 Video Kramnik, Aronian, Carlsen winOdds of winning the event Aronian, Carlsen & Kramnik winners
R11 Video Kramnik wins, Aronian losesPostmortems Kramnik beats Radjabov, now second as Aronian loses to Svidler
R12 Video Kramnik overtakes Carlsen after dramatic round Kramnik wins [vs. Aronian], overtakes Carlsen
R13 Video Kramnik draws, Carlsen winsPictures and postmortems Carlsen grinds down Radjabov to catch Kramnik in first place
R14 Video Leaders lose, Carlsen qualifiesPress conferences, postmortems Carlsen & Kramnik both lose in final round, Carlsen wins Candidates

I hope the table will eventually include all rounds.


Later: I added the opening ceremony ('R0') and rounds 10 through 12.

Even later: I added rounds 13 and 14. This was a great tournament!

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