05 February 2014

Small Projects for 2014

Where does a year go? Looking back at what I accomplished with this blog in 2013, there are many projects left undone. Here's a TBD list for future updates.

World Computer Championship: The previous update was in 2011 for the 19th World Computer Championship. The 20th WCCC was held in August 2013.

World Correspondence Championship: The previous update was in 2012 for the ICCF World Championships (2012 Status). Here is an overview of the current status.

Zonals: (1; Done) Earlier this month I received an email clarifying the circumstances of a playoff match for zone 2 of the Zonals 1984-1987 (C13), and added the info to that page. (2) For the current cycle, I added C26 Zonal Clippings 2013, but haven't added the FIDE rating links for ratings.fide.com to Zonals : Links (and Other References). (3) Early last year I did an analysis of discrepancies in the list of all zonals:-

I should follow-up with the goal of removing the 'In process & preliminary' warning from the index page.


Later / Grand Prix: The two most recent Grand Prix series are missing the final standings.

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