26 February 2014

Tales of Three Zonals

Just as in last week's Small World Championship Stories, I received new information about old zonals from a couple of knowledgeable correspondents.

Massimiliano Orsi, who sent the new crosstables for C10 and C13, has written in detail about the C13 event: Castelldefels 1985 (soloscacchi.altervista.org).

While applying the updates, I noted two points of further interest:-

  • The Praia de Rocha 1978 event also served as a zonal for a new zone 12.

  • One of the participants at Caorle 1975 is listed as 'Albert' by the BCM reference, and as 'Frank' by the new reference, both references giving Zaire as the country of origin. This must have been the same Dr. Albert Frank who conducted one of the first studies for chess in school; see Chess and Aptitudes for his own account of the study.

    Several years ago I had a brief correspondence with Dr. Frank. I was informed last year that he passed away 2 May 2013 in Belgium.

For my next post, I'll return to Small Projects for 2014, provided there are no more pleasant distractions to keep me busy.

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