22 October 2014

2014-2015 Grand Prix, Baku

I added a new cycle covering the period 2014-2016 to my pages on the The World Chess Championship. This is the 27th World Championship cycle (C27 in my shorthand) since the first FIDE championship in 1948 (documented in FIDE Events 1948-1990).

The first page in the new cycle is for the 2014-2015 Grand Prix, where I added the crosstable and PGN for the Baku tournament, the first of four events in the new Grand Prix. For my wrapup post on the previous Grand Prix, see 2012-13 GP / 2013 WCC.

At the start of the Baku event, FIDE also announced Introducing New Look for the Grand Prix Series.

FIDE invite you to take the first look at the new Grand Prix website. We have been working to create a better experience for chess enthusiasts who follow the games online.

Fot more about the new Grand Prix and about the Baku event, see The first stage of FIDE GP series 2014-2015 in Baku.

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