15 October 2014

Zonal Index Update 2014-10-15

A second pass through Zonal Clipping Headers revealed no new problems, so I updated the index page World Chess Championship Zonals ('Last updated 2014-10-15'). Since I now had some extra time, I added a few new clippings that were waiting to be processed. I don't want to list all of the changes I made, but if anyone is interested, the latest clippings can be identified via their directory, Index of /chess/zonals/clippngs, sorted on the 'Last modified' timestamp. The first two characters of the clipping filename indicate the year of the event: '90' = 1990, 'A0' = 2000, 'B1' = 2011 etc. The two character year is a convention I use throughout the site.

One of the new clippings is from Chesshistory.com's 'C.N. 6422. Youngest International Master'. On the same page are 'C.N. 6423. Fischer’s title(s)' and 'C.N. 6429. International Master title'. The last reference mentions an appropriate topic for further research:-

Further evidence regarding Mecking’s IM title would also be welcome. With respect to both Fischer and Mecking, does any reader have access to FIDE’s working documents and reports? More generally, what were the rules on the awarding of the IM title for performances in Zonal Tournaments?

As for the list of tasks in the previous Zonal Index Update (2014-07-16), all but the last is now complete. I'll use that task as the start of a new list of tasks:-

  • Identify events where the clippings lack a crosstable
  • List players qualifying to the next stage (where the list is known)
  • Split venue into city & country

With a World Championship match due to start in less than a month, it might be a while before I tackle that list.

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