07 October 2015

2015 World Cup Results

I added crosstables for the recently completed Baku event to my page on the 2015 World Cup. For the first time I was able to follow the tournament as it evolved into the final mini-match between GMs Karjakin and Svidler.

Congratulations to both for qualifying into the forthcoming Candidates tournament and to GM Karjakin for winning the World Cup.

I still have a few actions to perform:-

  • Add the PGN game scores, but first I have to correct a few errors I found in the source data.

  • Add an explanation of the tiebreaks used. For the 2013 World Cup, I simply pointed to the page for the 2011 event. I plan to do the same for the 2015 event, but I should first confirm that the tiebreak systems were the same for all three events. My post on the Evolution of the FIDE Knockouts suggests that the formats were equivalent.

  • Add the 128 players to the Index of players.

Now that the event belongs to history, I would like to consider World Champion Carlsen's suggestion that the format be used for future World Championships.


Later: For the follow-up actions, see 2015 World Cup Players and 2015 World Cup Tiebreak.

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