21 October 2015

CAM Zonals, Women's Events, and C27 Zonals

The last time I mentioned Rafael Santana of Venezuela on this blog was in More CAM Zonals, where CAM means Central America. He has since completed two more zonal pages on his own site, which I incorporated into

A few years ago, the CAM zonals were among the least documented events on my page for the World Championship Zonals. Now, thanks to Rafael, they are among the most documented.


I also updated my index for the World Championship for Women. First I added a new page for the 2015-2016 FIDE Women's Grand Prix; the first event has already finished and I'll add it ASAP. Then I updated my page on the 2015 Hou Yifan - M.Muzychuk Title Match; the event is now scheduled for March 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine.


After my first post last month on the C27 Zonals (the current cycle), I realized I had made several mistakes regarding the African zonals. I added a correction to that post.

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