30 December 2015

Zonal Qualifiers C14

Continuing with Regulations for Qualifiers C14, I concentrated on the players who qualified from the various zonals. First I added many new clippings to the page C14: Zonals 1987-1990. The most important of those is shown below, reduced in size to fit on this blog post.

Zoninis šachmatu turnyras

It is a portion of a 'Vikipedija' [Lithuanian] page which seems to be based largely on my own work. A few comments:-

  • Zone 05: Four players from this zonal competed in Interzonals. The page says Hulak and Marjanovic qualified on rating, but their ratings were too low. (NB: Pucarevo = Novi Travnikas)
  • Zone 07: Neither Ivanov nor Spraggett played in a C14 Interzonal. Allan and Baragar played instead.
  • Zone 11: The 'scandal' is not mentioned. Did it have any real impact?
  • Zone 12: Bouaziz qualified.
  • Zone 13: Hamed qualified.

Thanks to that info plus details from other new clippings, I can make an educated guess on how the players qualified, whether from zonals or otherwise.

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