06 January 2016

Zonal Qualifiers C14 - Qualification Paths

Continuing with the blog post on Zonal Qualifiers C14, I worked out plausible explanations for all of the 55 players known to have qualified for (or played in) one of the three Interzonals for that cycle and added the guesses to my page on C14: Zonal Qualifiers (1987-1990).

Following the same structure I used for Zonal Qualifiers C13 - Qualification Paths, the two tables below show the counts of players who qualified by the different paths.

The left table ('Qual') counts the types of qualifiers as defined in the first part of C14: Zonal Qualifiers. The right table ('Zonal') counts the players who qualified at a certain zonal ('z'), as listed in the second part of the same page. The question marks ('?') in the 'Qual' table are a reminder that there is some guesswork in the data.

For details on the different zonals, see the clippings for (C14) 1987-1990 Zonal Cycle.

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