08 November 2017

C28 Zonal Qualification Paths

In the previous post, C28 Other Zonal Clippings, I wrote, 'Next step: Add a page showing the Qualification Paths (QP) for all players in the 2017 World Cup.' This is now available in Zonal Qualifiers 2016-2017 (C28). I also added links for this page to the zonal index, World Chess Championship Zonals, and to the cycle clippings, Zonals 2016-2017 (C28).

Next step: The roadmap for the documentation of the cycle, Notes on C06, C07, C27, and C28 (May 2017), lists two more steps that were done for the previous cycle:-

  • 2016-01-27: C27 Zonal Rating Reports
  • 2016-02-03: C27 Zonal Links

I can do this when all of the reports are available in the FIDE ratings database. Before I check their availability, I have a number of other tasks to do.

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