01 November 2017

C28 Other Zonal Clippings

In the previous post, C28 Zonal Clippings TWIC, I wrote,
For the five qualification events remaining to be documented, preliminary info was given in C28 Zonals (September 2017). I'll add the documentation for those five as soon as I can.

That's now done with all continental championships, zonals, and related events for the current cycle accounted for and documented on the page Zonals 2016-2017 (C28).

Next step: Add a page showing the Qualification Paths (QP) for all players in the 2017 World Cup (see the previous cycle, C27: Zonal Qualifiers 2014-2015, for an example). The preliminary work for the new page was done in C28 Regulations for World Cup Qualifiers.

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