27 February 2019

Index of Women Players

In last month's post, Small Projects for 2019, I wrote,
As part of preparing the first post of this current month, 2018 Women's World Championship PGN, I routinely 'added the names of all 64 players to the Index of Women Players'. While doing that I noticed several inconsistencies across the index and will address those as soon as I can.

The action resulted in around a dozen changes to the referenced page, most of which aren't worth mentioning. I did, however, correct two misspellings.

On the page for the 1961 Candidates Tournament (Vrnjacka Banja, X-XI, 1961), I had the name 'Hundsuren' instead of the correct Sandagdorj Handsuren (wikipedia.org). On the page for the 1967 Candidates Tournament (Subotica, IX-X, 1967), I had 'MacGrath' instead of Marion Mott-McGrath (ditto).

The page Index of Women Players now has 463 names for a total of 1338 cross-references to other pages on the site. I had a relatively easy time finding the info I needed to make the corrections. Twenty years ago, when I first started creating the main page, World Chess Championship for Women, there was almost nothing about the subject on the web and I relied on offline resources to construct the framework.


Unknown said...

In Subotica 1967, McGrath is correct, not Mott-McGrath, a change which came many years later.

Mark Weeks said...

Yes, I used 'McGrath' for the crosstable and both 'McGrath' and 'Mott-McGrath' for the index. The original problem was that I had 'MacGrath' instead of 'McGrath' on the crosstable and the index.