06 March 2019

1840s Staunton Matches

I added a new page, 1843-46 Howard Staunton Matches, to the Index of Pre-FIDE Events. This page combines:-
  • the two Staunton - St.Amant matches (London, IV-V, 1843 & Paris, XI-XII, 1843), and
  • the Staunton - Horwitz match (London, II-IV, 1846).

The reason for the new page is to prepare for the addition of the 1846 Staunton - Harrwitz match. The format is consistent with two other pages:-

While preparing the recent post Acknowledging an Important Source (January 2019), I noticed that Gelo's book 'Chess World Championships' included the Harrwitz match, but that my site omitted it. At first I thought this was an oversight on my part, then I realized that I had not included the match because of the many games played at odds.

Since all of the matches played before 1886 Steinitz - Zukertort are considered unofficial, there is no reason to omit the Harrwitz match. I'll add it as soon as I can.

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