13 March 2019

1846 Staunton - Harrwitz

In last week's blog post, 1840s Staunton Matches, I added a new page to my World Chess Championship site covering the 1843-46 Howard Staunton Matches. I mentioned,
The reason for the new page is to prepare for the addition of the 1846 Staunton - Harrwitz match.

I had to put some thought into how to organize the crosstable. The final result is shown in the following image.

It was a close match. In each round of three games, with a different format in each game, Harrwitz consistently won the first game at odds of 'Pawn & move'; Staunton won the second game on equal terms; and the third game at 'Pawn & two moves' was a battleground.

The 13th game was drawn and replayed. The draw was counted in the result of the match as published by Staunton.

I ran into a glitch with the match PGN and will add it to the game scores of the other matches as soon as I can.

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