08 May 2019

Wrapping-up Recent Posts

Several of the posts on this blog over the last two months... ...have been to improve my record of the Pre-FIDE Events, specifically the early, unofficial events. These resulted in two new pages that are consistent with similar pages:-

While I was working on those, I left a few loose ends that required small corrections:-

  • Redirecting obsolete pages to the new pages
  • Deleting PGN files for the obsolete pages
  • Updating the player indices
  • Checking that nothing had been overlooked

Before I tackled that, I considered consolidating the pages of three other related matches:-

I finally decided against doing this because of a key difference: the first page covers exhibition matches, but the second is for a World Championship title match. Before I do any more work on the 'Pre-FIDE Events', I'll try to address another item on the list of Small Projects for 2019 (January 2019).

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