17 July 2019

Zonal Qualifiers C11

Last month, in Zonal Qualifiers C12, I developed a technique of documenting the qualification paths for the early World Championship cycles. The following chart shows that technique applied to the preceding cycle.

The first two columns are from the ZQP (zonal qualifying paths) data that I described in the C12 post. The last two columns are from my own pages. The zone numbers 'z01' etc. correspond to my page (C11) 1978-1981 Zonal Cycle. The last column is a code for the two interzonals that were held during the cycle:-

There are two gaps in the data. One is for Mecking; the other is for Sunye Neto. I'll follow those up another time.

I've decided that the format of the data in the chart is sufficient for new zonal pages on my World Championship site. See the table at the bottom of the index page, World Chess Championship Zonals, for cycles C13 (1984-87) and after.

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