20 May 2020

25th World Computer Championship [ICGA]

Getting back to Small Projects for 2020 (February 2020), one project was:-
Posts with label Computers • The ICGA home page mentions two topics worth a deeper look -- 'World Computer Chess Championship 2019' and 'A Welcome from the [new] President, Jonathan Schaeffer'

Details of the so-called 'World Computer Chess Championship' are on Komodo World Champion Computer Chess 2019 (icga.org; August 2019), and WCCC 2019 (ditto). I also added a mention of the event to my page Computer Chess : World Chess Championship, although the events have long ceased to be considered World Championships by objective observers.

As for the new president, see the ICGA pages A New President (December 2018; 'announcement by David Levy', the outgoing president), and Welcome by the New President (September 2019, Jonathan Schaeffer). For a bit of ICGA history, see Ben Mittman (October 2018; 1928-2018, 'Founding President of the ICCA, forerunner of the ICGA').

The next ICGA championship was announced at the beginning of the year. It was subsequently postponed because of the coronavirus Covid-19:-

  • 2020-01-15: 2020 ICGA Events • 'ICGA events will be hosted by ECAI, the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The dates are June 7-12 in beautiful Santiago De Compostela, Spain'
  • 2020-03-16: Events postponed • '[ECAI] have moved their annual meeting from early June to August 29 - September 2'

[For my blog post on the previous ICGA championship, see 24th World Computer Championship (August 2018)].

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