13 May 2020

FIDE Newsletters++

After using my main blog to sign up for the latest incarnation of FIDE Newsletters (01 May 2020), I was disappointed that nothing arrived in my email. I finally received a newsletter ('#005', dated 11 May) at the beginning of the week. As a bonus, the newsletter included links to six FIDE social media addresses, most of which I hadn't visited before:-

While I haven't explored all six of the resources, the first one listed above, Twitter, had a link to the online version of the same email: Newsletter #005. From that I was able to work out the addresses of the first four newsletters, although I'm not convinced that #002 is the real deal.

These social media resources are a useful complement to the three Worldchess.com equivalents that I documented in Worldchess Is Wide Awake (October 2018). That post was dated a few months before Worldchess handed responsibilty for most World Championship events back to FIDE.


Later: Some time after writing this post I discovered the FIDE archive of newsletters: FIDE Newsletter (fide.com). Could be useful!

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