21 October 2020

FIDE Candidates Postponed Again

In last week's post, 'Tournir of the FIDE Applicants', where the 'Tournir' is FIDE's Candidate tournament and the issue is its resumption, I noted dates from two sources:-
'Today, 5 October, it is planned to make a final decision' -- almost ten days have passed -- Fide.com: 'The 8th round has been scheduled for 1 November 2020.'

Since the 'Tournir' post was near the mid-point between 5 October and 1 November, we didn't have to wait long for an announcement. Before we go there, let's look at another FIDE announcement from early October: Decisions of the 3rd quarter FIDE Online Council Meeting (fide.com); 'Decisions ... 30 September 2020', relevant to the World Championship:-

Q3OC-2020/8: To note that the final decision regarding the 2020 Candidates’ Tournament shall be taken by 5 October 2020 conditional on the results of the analysis of the current situation in the respective countries.
Q3OC-2020/9: To note the update provided by Mr Sutovsky regarding the 2021 World Championship Match.
Q3OC-2020/10: To note that the decision regarding the organization of the Women’s World Cup and World Cup 2021 shall be taken at the Online GA.
Q3OC-2020/11: To note the information provided by Mr. Sutovsky in respect to Women’s Grand Prix. [...]
Q3OC-2020/48: To investigate how the organization of the forthcoming Zonal events may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]
Q3OC-2020/50: To note that the next online meeting of the FIDE Council will take place on 4 December 2020, prior to the 2020 FIDE General Assembly.

A few days later, FIDE announced the decision for Q3OC-2020/8: The second leg of the Candidates Tournament is postponed to the spring of 2021 (fide.com). It started,

Unfortunately, FIDE is forced to postpone the resumption of the Candidates Tournament until the spring of 2021. The main reason for rescheduling the event is, of course, the concern related to the well-being of the players in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic.

Did anyone expect a different decision?

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