28 October 2020

Interview with Dvorkovich

A few weeks before the announcement that FIDE Candidates Postponed Again, FIDE President Dvorkovich gave a wide ranging interview touching on many aspects of the current situation in world chess. In particular, he discussed the various events that make up the World Championship cycle.

Interview with FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich (2:07:40) • '[Published on] Sep 30, 2020'

The description starts in Russian (here translated by Google):-

Created jointly with the Moscow Chess Federation 'MskChess TV' [...]

Then it switches to English:-

English subtitles are added! In this two-hour-long interview, GM Daniil Dubov asks questions about FIDE, chess during pandemic, online chess, the future of the world championship cycle, and touches other burning issues.

As usual, the '[CC]' box on the status line at the bottom of the embedded video switches between 'subtitles <-> no-subtitles'. On top of that, excerpts of the interview are available in English on Chesstech.org:-

  • 2020-10-14 (Part 1): FIDE’s next steps • 'Stefan Loeffler has excerpted the essentials in two parts. The first one focuses on competitive chess.'
  • 2020-10-17 (Part 2): "I am not used to discussing politics" • 'After part one of our excerpts focused on competitions, this one deals with FIDE’s functioning, finance and online chess policy.'

'Part 1' places the time of the interview:-

In August, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich was interviewed for more than two hours by Daniil Dubov, the 24-year old Russian grandmaster.

'Part 2' has a strange title that I understand as "I am not used to discussing politics [online]". Dvorkovich explained further, 'Probably this has to do with my former work in the Russian government, when social media could not be used to discuss political matters.'

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