26 May 2021

More Notes on the Women's Championship

The last time I looked at the current cycle for the Women's World Championship was in Notes on the Women's Championship (November 2020). I used a screen capture from the FIDE handbook to show that the documentation available to the public was poorly maintained: women's events mixed with unrestricted events (open to both men and women); events listed in no particular order; and important events missing entirely.

Here's another screen capture showing the current status of the FIDE handbook. The organization of the material has been much improved.

handbook.fide.com (May 2021)

Still missing is any trace of the Women’s Candidates tournament. FIDE partially compensated for this requirement by making a key announcement:-

After the fourth and last leg of the Women's Grand Prix currently underway in Gibraltar, the two other qualifying events are scheduled for later this year:-

  • Women's World Cup 2021; Sochi, Russia; 10 Jul 2021; 03 Aug 2021
  • Women’s Grand Swiss 2021; Isle of Man; 25 Oct 2021; 08 Nov 2021

Another piece of the overall picture was announced last week:-

The Women’s Candidates tournament and the title match are currently not scheduled. Which will come first -- the documentation, i.e. the rules, for the events -or- the formal announcement of the events? Based on recent performance, I'm betting on the announcement.

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