19 May 2021

Yekaterinburg Candidates - Wrapup

It's finally time to terminate the interminable. Here's a summary of the posts -- mainly from this blog -- stemming from the recently concluded Yekaterinburg Candidates. Let's start with the posts from the first half of the tournament.

During this time, there was only one post on my main blog:-

  • 2020-03-31: Coronavirus Candidates • 'With every major sports event getting cancelled or postponed this month, you might think the Candidates tournament would have attracted considerable attention from mainstream sports broadcasting ... and you would be wrong.'

For the previous Candidates tournament, the summary Berlin Candidates - Wrapup (April 2018) listed 15 posts on my main blog. Why the big difference? Because the following year I announced, 'The End of Daily Blogging' (September 2019).

After the first half was of the Yekaterinburg Candidates was played, there was a long hiatus before the second half started. Of course, no one could know how long it would be.

That last FIDE announcement finally hit the right note.

Next stop: 2021 Carlsen - Nepomniachtchi; Dubai, XI-XII, 2021.

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