09 June 2021

2019-20 WGP, Gibraltar

A few weeks ago, in More Notes on the Women's Championship (May 2021), I wrote,
Still missing is any trace of the Women’s Candidates tournament. FIDE partially compensated for this requirement by making a key announcement...

Following the link I gave for that announcement, 'Qualification for FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament 2022 (fide.com)', one point gave a welcome confirmation:-

The eight spots in the Women’s Candidates Tournament 2022 will be allocated based on the following criteria [...] B. 2 spots – FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019-20 • The players who finish 1st and 2nd in the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019-20. If one or two of these players is/are GM Ju Wenjun and/or GM Goryachkina, the reserved spot(s) is (are) awarded to the next non-qualifying player(s) in the final ranking of the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019-20.

In past posts I repeatedly decided not to document the 2019-20 FIDE Grand Prix on my own pages:-

  • 2019-10-02: Status of the Women's World Championship • 'For this post I intended to add a new page for the 2019-20 Women's Grand Prix, because the first event, held in Skolkovo (Russia), finished a few weeks ago. [...] I'll wait until FIDE has published the necessary documents before I tackle the new cycle.'
  • 2019-12-18: 2019-20 Women's Grand Prix • 'The second event in that Grand Prix, held in Monaco, has ended and there is still no sign of documentation covering the full cycle.'
  • 2020-04-22: 2019-20 WGP, Lausanne • 'The necessary documentation is still not available, nor is there any sign of activity.'

Reversing that decision, I created a new page, 2019-2020 FIDE Women's Grand Prix (m-w.com), including the recently finished 2021 Gibraltar, and added it to the index page World Chess Championship for Women (ditto). • Next step: For the four events that were played in the Grand Prix, add the crosstables and PGN to the new page.

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