28 July 2021

Early Women's Grand Prix Events

I'm currently waiting for two concurrent World Cups to finish:-

I didn't have a good idea for today's post, so I looked at ideas in my 'Follow-up' category, Showing posts with label zFLUP. Most of the ideas required more time than I have to spend, but I found one that seemed reasonable:-

At the time of the post I wrote, 'The first two [WGPs], 2009-2010 & 2011-2012, could use a chart like the one shown.' For each of the players who competed in the Grand Prix, it showed the total score achieved across all events and the number of games played by the player. I added the new charts to the two wrapup pages:-

What's the plural of 'Grand Prix'? I decided to use the phrase shown in the title.

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