18 August 2021

2021 World Cup Tiebreak

In last week's post, A New Cycle Is Evolving (August 2021), I wrote,
Two World Cups finished this past week, so I used the TWIC files to prepare the PGN files for both events.

That was just the initial preparation. TWIC delivers the files sorted by game and round : all of the PGN game scores for the first game of the first round, followed by all of the PGNs for the second game, etc. I prefer to have all of the games for each mini-match together, e.g. for the second round of the unrestricted World Cup (open to both men and women), I prefer to see both games of the Carlsen - Martinovic match, followed by both games of the Caruana - Megaranto match, and so on (using the top two boards in the second round as an example).

That sort takes some effort, but I like being able to get a bird's eye view of each match without any additional work. Since that's not much info for this current post, I'll add a count of the games played in each round of the unrestricted event.

For example, there were 144 players competing in the first round -- 72 mini-matches total for the first and second games of the round -- of which 19 matches went into tiebreak. One of those matches reached the third tiebreak.

The 72 winners of the first round joined 56 seeded players to contest 64 mini-matches in the second round. One of those matches reached the 'Armageddon' tiebreak.

For an explanation of a similar chart and the tiebreaks used in a previous World Cup, see 2015 World Cup Tiebreak (October 2015), on my main blog. NB: I haven't compared the details for the tiebreaks used in the 2015 World Cup with those of the 2021 event, but I suppose they were similar. For the details of the recent event, see 2021 World Cup, Sochi (Russia).


Later: In the next post for this series, 2021 World Cup [Name] Mismatches (August 2021), I wrote,

I ran into a number of mismatches that had to be resolved. One mismatch was an error I made in that 'Tiebreak' post.

That error stems from the sentence above that says,

The 72 winners of the first round joined 56 seeded players to contest 64 mini-matches in the second round.

That statement doesn't square with the official rules, copied on my page about the Sochi event, that said,

Round 1: 156 players
Round 2 (78 winners of Round 1 + 50 top seeds): 128 players

The difference of six players (78 winners - 72 winners) stems from six first round matches that were not played. The players who forfeited those matches are listed here:-

Atabayev (Erdos)
Fan (Lupulescu)
Rodriguez (Ivanisevic)
Wynn (Mikhalevski)
Zaibi (Deac)
Ziska (Moradiabadi)

Their opponents, whose names are listed in parentheses, advanced to the second round.

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