25 August 2021

2021 World Cup [Name] Mismatches

In the previous post, 2021 World Cup Tiebreak (August 2021), I documented the first step in converting a TWIC PGN file for a World Cup to a page like 2021 World Cup, Sochi (Russia):-
TWIC delivers the files sorted by game and round : all of the PGN game scores for the first game of the first round, followed by all of the PGNs for the second game, etc. I prefer to have all of the games for each mini-match together.

The second step is to create a text file using my standard structure for a World Cup page. I've been using the same structure since the first FIDE knockout tournament, 1997 FIDE Knockout Matches, Groningen (Netherlands). It's not elegant, but it serves my purpose well enough. While I'm creating the text file, I also compare my results against the official site.

The third and last step is to convert the text file to web page format by adding HTML markup tags. I wasn't able to do this for the current post, because I ran into a number of mismatches that had to be resolved.

One mismatch was an error I made in that 'Tiebreak' post. The other mismatches had to do with the spelling of player's names on TWIC and on the official site. Although I resolved the name mismatches, I ran out of time to go further. I'll document the mismatches at the appropriate place.


Later: After I wrote this post, I realized that the title '2021 World Cup Mismatches' might easily be misunderstood to mean mismatches in playing strength. While there were certainly plenty of those in the event, I corrected the title to describe the content of the post more accurately.

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