29 September 2021

2021 Women's World Cup Crosstables

In last week's post, 2021 Women's World Cup Preparation (September 2021), I wrote,
I'll need some more time to finish the 2021 FIDE Women's World Cup crosstables. After that I'll add the PGN files to the page and update the Index of Women Players.

I added the crosstables to the page for 2021 FIDE Women's World Cup. The Fide.com server error that I mentioned in the 'Preparation' post has disappeared, so I am more confident that my data is correct.

As for the PGN and the Index of Players, the same task needs to be done for the concurrent event already documented in 2021 World Cup Crosstables (September 2021). After that, I'll catch up with the latest news for two upcoming events:-

For those in-between weeks with nothing special to report, I'll document the zonals for the current cycle, C30. Here are a few corresponding references for the previous cycle, C29:-

All that will keep me busy well into next year.

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