25 May 2022

The Return of Chessdom News

Where have I seen that title before? Oh, yes, it was The Return of Chessdom News (May 2021), on my main blog. At the time I wrote,
In early 2019, Chessdom stopped being one of the 'go-to' sites for chess news and started limiting itself to specialty topics like news about TCEC. The last time I referenced Chessdom as a news source was over a year ago. [...] Chessdom.com TCEC S21 articles 'by Sergio' started appearing last month.

That observation turned out to be premature. There was a gap of ten months -- from May 2021 to March 2022 -- when there was no news about TCEC or, apparently, about anything else. There is a similar gap in my bookmarks for Chessdom.com.

In March 2022, the site suddenly came to life with a flood of reports, many related to the World Championship. Some reports were about the new cycle that starts next year:-

Unfortunately, Chessdom's use of tags to group related reports together looks like an afterthought rather than an integral tool for organizing the site. The first report in that list, about the 2023 Grand Swiss, has a tag named 'fide grad [sic] swiss 2022 [sic]'.

One tag that could be promising is All posts tagged "FIDE elections" (chessdom.com). There are currently only five reports under the tag, although announcements on the forthcoming election have been coming fast and furiously. A suivre...

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