07 December 2022

Boris the 10th and Bobby the 11th

Last week, in the post Karpov the 12th (November 2022; video: 'Karpov on Kasparov - 1984 World Chess Championship'), I asked,
Will I find the occasion to overview the other Karpov videos? Maybe, but I might have to bounce back to my main blog to do that.

No bounce necessary. Here's another video from Youtube channel iChess.net.

Karpov analyzes the Bobby Fischer vs Spassky Rematch 1992 (17:23) • '[Published on] Jun 13, 2012'

The description teased,

The three volume "Karpov on Fischer" provides Anatoly Karpov’s perspective on why Bobby Fischer declined to play him in the World Chess Championship Match in 1975.

That discussion has been cut out and the video focuses on one game:-

Grandmasters Karpov and Henley analyze game 25 of the famous 1992 historic return match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, now both close to 50 years old. [NB: Spassky turned 55 in 1992. He was six years older than Fischer]

For context, see the previous post on my main blog, The SmartChess Saga (December 2022; 'a trailblazer among chess-on-the-web sites'). The discussion of SmartChess will continue on that blog.

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