10 April 2024

Toronto Candidates - First Week

Yesterday was round five of the 2024 Candidates tournament. In the previous post, Toronto Candidates - Last Resources (April 2024), I mentioned charts, lots of charts:-
Chart showing the round-by-round progress of the participants in the 2013, 2014, and 2016 candidates tournaments [...] New chart for the 2018 and 2020 tournaments. I'll do the same for the next post by adapting the chart developed for the 2022 Candidates Tournament.

As promised, here is the adapted chart, showing the same round in the 2022 tournament with the leader circled in red. Also shown is the overall standing after round five in the 2024 tournament as presented by a top chess news source.

Top: 2022 Candidates Tournament (m-w.com; 'Cumulative Score')
Bottom: Candidates R5: Gukesh and Nakamura score in eventful round (chessbase.com; Carlos Alberto Colodro)

Also circled in red in the top chart is the 2022 leader after ten rounds plus the winner at the end. After all three rounds, the leader was GM Nepomniachtchi.

The choice of ten rounds for the second red circle was not an accident. That will be the point the tournament has reached at the time of the next post on this blog. Will the leader again be Nepomniachtchi, or maybe GM Gukesh, or maybe both, or maybe someone completely different? Past is prologue, except when it's not.

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