17 April 2024

Toronto Candidates - Second Week

Yesterday was a rest day after round ten of the 2024 Candidates tournament. A week ago, in Toronto Candidates - First Week (April 2024), I wrote,
Here is [a] chart, showing the [fifth] round in the 2022 tournament with the leader circled in red. Also shown is the overall standing after round five in the 2024 tournament as presented by a top chess news source. [...] Also circled in red in the top chart is the 2022 leader after ten rounds plus the winner at the end. After all three rounds, the leader was GM Nepomniachtchi.

Let's extract the 2022 portion of that chart and combine it with the standing after round ten in the 2024 tournament presented by the same chess news source. That gives the following chart.

Top: 2022 Candidates Tournament (m-w.com; 'Cumulative Score')
Bottom: Candidates R10: Nakamura and Caruana grab crucial wins (chessbase.com; Carlos Alberto Colodro)

Just like in the 'First Week' post, we see GMs Gukesh and Nepomniachtchi tied for first and second places, a half point ahead of third place. One big difference is that GM Caruana was alone in third after five rounds, but now shares that place with GMs Praggnanandhaa and Nakamura. That leaves five players (out of eight) with a chance of winning the event.

Only first place has real value -- the challenger's seat in the forthcoming World Championship match against Ding Liren, the reigning World Champion. Runners-up get money, but no glory.

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