12 December 2018

2018 Carlsen - Caruana, Wrapup

This is the sixth consecutive post on this blog about the 2018 Carlsen - Caruana title match, and as with past title matches, I'll use it to summarize my other posts about the match. The first link in the next list contains summaries of pre-match posts and of wrapup posts for past title events.

On my main blog I also wrote a number of posts about the match.

One good turn deserves another. In the first post on this blog listed above, 'Warmup', I noted that GM Ian Rogers had mentioned my blog in his own article titled 'Couch Potato’s Guide' (uschess.org). A week later, in the post 'Chess @ 538.com', I noted that Rogers had abandoned the contract with USchess after a dispute over their censorship of his coverage of an unfortunate video released during the match. The GM continued to issue periodic reports on Lichess, where I found the following articles:-

Another journalist, GM Jonathan Tisdall, an expert in the key skills of chess, reporting, and the Norwegian language, also issued a series of in-depth reports via a well known online play site:-

For more from both journalist GMs, see their Twitter feeds, @GMIanRogers and @GMjtis.

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