24 April 2019

1860s Anderssen Matches

I added a new page, 1861-62 Adolf Anderssen matches, to the index of World Chess Championship : Pre-FIDE Events. The page consolidates and replaces two older pages that documented Anderssen's unofficial matches for the World Championship:-
  • London, VII, 1861; Anderssen - Kolisch [+4-3=2]
  • London, VII-VIII, 1862; Anderssen - Paulsen [+3-3=2]

I also added links to other pages on the site that document events where Anderssen played a role in the history of the early, unofficial World Championship. Just like my previous effort to consolidate separate pages about matches, 1840s Staunton Matches (March 2019), the new page serves as a framework for further notes about the events it documents.

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