17 April 2019

Corrections to Recent Posts

Since the beginning of the year, I've been focusing on the early history of the World Championship. After finishing the posts, I've sometimes discovered additional information that required documenting. Finding the time to make the corrections is always another matter. Here are the posts in chronological order.

2019-01-23: Acknowledging an Important Source • I wrote, 'Here's a copy of the tournament crosstable given in Gelo's book (chapter 17), slightly reformatted.' • Gelo's crosstable is better than any other version I've seen and the reformatted version is better than the original. I added a copy to my page on the 1862 London Tournament.

2019-03-19: Wilhelm Hanstein, Schachzeitung • I wrote, 'For some reason, missing characters occur frequently, not only in the Schachzeitung scans, but in other scans that have nothing to do with chess. Add this to the (long) list of things that can go wrong with digitized documents.' • Although that post is on my main blog, it covers techniques that are useful for this present blog. I added a note about the missing characters.

2019-04-10: (last week's post) 1834 London : How Many Matches? • I wrote, 'While I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the conventional view, I'll keep the discrepancy in mind while I review other material on the match.' • A couple of hours later I resolved the discrepancy, so I added a note to the post.

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