16 December 2020

C15-C29 QP for IZ/KO

Continuing with last weeks's post, Qualification Paths for IZ/KO Events, where I documented the first step of a multi-step action:-
Crosslink (in both directions) the IZ/KO/WCup pages with the corresponding QP page for faster navigation between them. [...] To facilitate the crosslink action, I developed a table of pages that need to be changed.

For this current post, I linked the 'QP' pages (Qualification Paths) to the corresponding IZ/KO/WCup pages. As I noted in the previous post,

Zonal Qualifiers (QP) for C01 through C14 already have a link to the corresponding Interzonal(s).

For the other cycles, here are links to the first and the last QP pages for those cycles:-

The next step will be to link the IZ/KO/WCup pages back to the corresponding QP page.

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