09 December 2020

Qualification Paths for IZ/KO Events

In a recent post, 2019 World Cup - Qualified Players (November 2020), I closed one outstanding action, but left another:-
As for that second action stemming from the '2020 Candidates', to crosslink pages, I'll tackle it another time.

More specifically:-

Crosslink (in both directions) the IZ/KO/WCup pages with the corresponding QP page for faster navigation between them.

The acronym 'QP' stands for 'Qualification Paths'. To facilitate the crosslink action, I developed a table of pages that need to be changed.

Timespan Format Event
C01 1949-51 IZ Saltsjobaden
C02 1952-54 IZ Saltsjobaden
C03 1955-57 IZ Goteborg
C04 1958-60 IZ Portoroz
C05 1961-63 IZ Stockholm
C06 1964-66 IZ Amsterdam
C07 1967-69 IZ Sousse
C08 1970-72 IZ Palma de Mallorca
C09 1973-75 IZ Leningrad
IZ Petropolis
C10 1976-78 IZ Biel
IZ Manila
C11 1979-81 IZ Riga
IZ Rio de Janeiro
C12 1982-84 IZ Las Palmas
IZ Moscow
IZ Toluca
C13 1985-87 IZ Biel
IZ Taxco
IZ Tunis
C14 1988-90 IZ Subotica
IZ Szirak
IZ Zagreb
C15 1991-93 IZ Manila
C16 1994-96 IZ Biel
C17 1997-98 WCC Groningen
C18 1998-99 WCC FIDE Las Vegas (Khalifman 1st)
C19 2000 WCC FIDE India/Iran (Anand 1st)
C20 2001-02 WCC FIDE Moscow (Ponomariov 1st)
C21 2002-04 WCC FIDE Tripoli (Kasimdzhanov 1st)
C22 2005-07 WCup Khanty-Mansiysk (2005)
C23 2007-10 WCup Khanty-Mansiysk (2007)
C24 2008-12 WCup Khanty-Mansiysk (2009)
C25 2011-13 WCup Khanty-Mansiysk (2011)
C26 2012-14 WCup Tromso (2013)
C27 2014-16 WCup Baku (2015)
C28 2017-18 WCup Tbilisi (2017)
C29 2019-20 WCup Khanty-Mansiysk (2019)
1994-95 -- Groningen

Legend: Codes used in 'Format'.

  • IZ = Interzonal
  • WCC = World Championship in KO format
  • WCup = World Cup in KO format

(1) Zonal Qualifiers (QP) for C01 through C14 already have a link to the corresponding Interzonal(s).
(2) The last event in the list, '1993 Groningen PCA Qualifying Tournament', could use a note on how the players were selected.

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