13 October 2021

2021 World Cup Wrapup

In the previous post -- see the last entry in the table below, 'Player Indices', for a link and see that post for links to the two World Cup pages under discussion -- I promised to add PGN files to both pages. Done & done.

Before adding the PGN, I cleaned up some name mismatches. The discussion after the table provides some details. The table summarizes the effort required to document a World Cup on my site, where I always build a page from the PGN game scores for the event. The table covers two recent World Cup events held concurrently: (1) unrestricted by gender, and (2) women only.

Post U W
2021-08-04: TWIC Documents Chess History Y Y
2021-08-11: A New Cycle Is Evolving Y Y
2021-08-18: 2021 World Cup Tiebreak Y -
2021-08-25: 2021 World Cup [Name] Mismatches Y -
2021-09-15: 2021 World Cup Crosstables Y -
2021-09-22: 2021 Women's World Cup Preparation - Y
2021-09-29: 2021 Women's World Cup Crosstables - Y
2021-10-06: 2021 World Cup Player Indices Y Y

In brief, here are the steps required for each event:-

  • Collect the PGN for an event
  • Prepare the PGN according to my preferences
  • Create a text file with the structure for the event
  • Convert the text file to HTML
  • Add the players to the index of of players
  • Add the PGN to the page for the event

While the steps are largely automated, they require constant supervision because of various booby traps at each step. As for name mismatches between the official site and the PGN delivered for the event, I discovered a half-dozen:-

Unrestricted event
- Ali / Salih
- Elarbi/ Elarabi
- Gareev / Gareyev
- Iyti / Eiti

Women only
- Bhakti Kulkarni / Kulkarni Bhakti
- Medina / Aulia

I've incorporated my decision for each name on the pages holding the player indices. I hope I've been consistent with previous decisions.

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